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Between Heaven And Hell There Are More Things Than Are Dreampt Of In Your Philosophies...

There are some things out there that can seem pretty scary...huh!

We know that everything on earth has its own 'frequency' of vibration. If you're healthy,YOU have a frequency of about 72 hertz.

Red meat,about 18 hertz...after its dead. So,carrots and tuna fish and sweet rolls all have particular vibrational frequencies.

And so do wood and nylon and everything else.

Some of these frequencies are things you can eat.It is the vibrational frequency of an apple that makes it an apple. You may not be eating wood yet alot of other things DO eat wood.Some of the things that eat wood are darn peculiar looking with strange life-styles,termites and bacteria and fungus...

FEAR has a vibrational frequency.

There are some strange creatures around that eat that particular vibrational frequency.

...Like Zeta Reticuli and a variety of intra-dimensional beings gathered here from several universes.

Why would religions and governments do what they can to produce fear and stress in their people do you think...

Balance Is The Key

F alse

E vidence

A pearring

R eal

Thank you Willy Whitefeather

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A Few More Ideas
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